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Peter Freeman, Inc., is pleased to announce our participation in Galleries Curate with a group exhibition on view now in New York and online through 30 January 2021, including works by gallery artists, Jan Dibbets, Helen Mirra, Fiona Tan, and Richard Wentworth.

Galleries Curate is a collaboration among galleries from all over the world, conceived during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, that will present series of unique exhibitions and programs, each revolving around a common theme. RHE (from Greek for ‘that which flows’) is the first chapter of this collaboration, organized around a universal subject: water. Like culture, water is never static but always in flux.

Here works by Jan Dibbets, Helen Mirra, Fiona Tan, and Richard Wentworth evoke themes of human presence, its erasure, and history. Besides a few exceptions, humans are the subject of the image, even when absent from it. And while the artists employ various mediums throughout their individual, diverse practices, the majority of the artworks on view share use of the medium of photography and either depict water or refer to it through textual or other visual references like color.

On this occasion, in addition to the gallery exhibition, Fiona Tan’s 2009 installation, Rise and Fall, commissioned by the Vancouver Art Gallery and seen in her solo exhibitionDisorient at the 2009 Venice Biennale in which the artist represented the Netherlands, will be exceptionally available to view in its entirety online through 30 January 2021, through both the gallery’s and Galleries Curates's websites: