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Matt Mullican Performs "Breakfast" Saturday, 1 April, 5pm

Matt Mullican
Live Performance Under Hypnosis:

Saturday, 1 April at 5:00pm
Peter Freeman, Inc.
140 Grand Street, New York, New York

Run time: approximately 30–60 minutes
The performance is free to attend.
Space and seating are limited and will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For over 40 years, Matt Mullican has engaged art making and performance in an attempt to articulate the complexities of existence and the human condition.

On the occasion of his current exhibition, Sunday, August 9, 1908, on view at Peter Freeman, Inc. until 15 April, Mullican performed under hypnosis.

Mullican's performances typically begin with him entering the stage in a state of retreat wherein he activates the entity known as ‘That Person,’ a formal title he gave his hypnotized self in the 1990s. ‘That Person’ is an ageless, genderless being who acts as a projection separated from medium, a representation of the self that we project onto an image or performer in order to feel vicariously through them. ‘That Person’ can never live because it is a projection, a tragic existence that wants to live so badly, that is mentally disturbed because of this fact that it cannot exist.