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exhibition: For the Pleasure of Seeing

dates: 9 September-23 October 2004

Off and on throughout the coming years, and during this September and October, the gallery will make a series of changing installations. These installations may be of individual pieces or of groups of works. The common focus is on works that have been out of sight; that have disappeared from the common history; pieces that have never been seen in the context of a contemporary gallery, but that illuminate contemporary work; works that reveal a forgotten idea, a misunderstood one, a genesis or an interrupted dialogue.

The first of these will be a single work: Donald Judd's only indoor triangular sculpture made in 1976. The sculpture is exquisite for its structural precision and Douglas fir wood, both common for Judd. However, this particular work is exceptional for its triangular shape: Judd's only other triangle was made in concrete the same year and is permanently installed The diagonal slope, itself producing a triangular space, starts to appear in Judd in 1974, and grew to become an important element in his work.