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exhibition: Hand-made Minimal

dates: 24 April - 12 July 2003

Hand-made Minimal will consist of nine rare works by nine major artists. What connects all the works exhibited is that they share a visual sense of the strong presence of the hand in the making of what are inherently minimal structures and images. Particularly for artists like Judd, Kelly, and LeWitt, this quality of visible action–of the visible trace of the activity of the making of the piece–is quite contrary to expectation. While this has often been a component of Minimalist work, especially in early pieces by many artists, it is an aspect often overlooked or forgotten–a lacuna this show hopes to address.

Included in the exhibition will be:

Carl Andre a folded steel sculpture from 1972

Donald Judd a rare painting from 1960, catalogue raisonné no. 1

Ellsworth Kelly one of Kelly's first sculpture reliefs, dating from 1950

Sol LeWitt a hybrid painting/sculpture work from 1963, one of the very
first to explore what became LeWitts's geometric vocabulary

Robert Mangold a 1963 painting, one of the first abstract works by the artist

Bruce Nauman a 1965 fiberglass sculpture; only the 15th work by the artist,
and one of the last fiberglass works left in private hands

Gerhard Richter a 1970 abstract monochrome painting from the very first
group of Richter's Gray abstractions; a work never before

Richard Serra a lead sculpture from 1968

Richard Tuttle a cloth piece from 1967 that has rarely been exhibited