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exhibition: Helen Mirra: Field Notation
date: 6 October – 12 November 2011

After a number of years making discrete works in various materials considering
various subjects, I've arrived at a rhythm of working which takes the form of a kind
of paced printmaking, made through walking. The material and physical activities
are interdependent: the walking structures the printing, and the printing impels the
walking. This rhythm is nestled into a cycle of exhibitions that perpetuates the
project. When I’m invited for an exhibition, the provision is that I am able to spend
a few weeks thereabouts, to make works that are for a following show,
somewhere else. I have spent the last few months in residence in Stockholm, and
therein made the most recent walks/works. Under the aegis of this show at Peter
Freeman, I will walk in the Taconic Range, which runs along the eastern New York
border and through western Massachusetts.

Currently the prints are made with oil pastel and graphite on raw linen, and the
size of the linen is that of a drop cloth or ground cloth, which when folded, fits in
my backpack. There are seven instances of printmaking on each work, which are
made hourly over the course of a walking day. The colors are indexical of the
landscape. The prints are direct impressions of paradigmatic materials found en
route: neither photographic nor descriptive, their geographic location
indeterminate, they are nonetheless an insistent sort of fact.

Helen Mirra

This is Helen Mirra’s third solo show at Peter Freeman, Inc. Her exhibition gehend (Field Recordings 1-3) recently opened at Bonner Kunstverein, Bonn (20 September-20 November 2011) and will travel to KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin (27 November 2011-29 January 2012) and Haus Konstruktiv, Zurich (23 February-29 April 2012). Distanz Verlag has published a corresponding book, designed by Mirra in collaboration with Katy Homans.

An opening reception will be held on 6 October from 6 to 8 pm.

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