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Art Basel: Basel 2022
Peter Freeman, Inc. | Booth B8
14 – 19 June 2022

A delicate daisy chain of carved bone; a handmade box of Enforcer Rat Bait set against a wall; a fake flag in the form of a ceramic triptych. Peter Freeman, Inc. is pleased to present for Art Basel 2022 a selection of playful and affecting works where medium and material take center stage. Together, they invite a dialogue about the artist’s process and presence.

In Sigmar Polke’s Unser Kundendienst! [Our customer service!], it is the artist whose gloved hands grip the printed fabric, holding up the message: “When you buy a new mattress, we’ll take the old one to the trash.” Charles LeDray’s use of human bone in Daisy Chain introduces the theme of mortality, calling attention to both absence and presence with the suggestion of loss and the hours of painstaking craftsmanship that have gone into the carefully threaded florets. Catherine Murphy describes light and form by way of rumpled sheets and squashed pillows in her latest work, Double Bed, establishing a mood of absence – or anticipation – through the implied open-ended narrative. Robert Gober’s cast plaster Rat Bait professes to kill rats and mice for just $4.99, echoing LeDray’s intimation of disaster and the uncanny, as well as Polke’s references to commercial imagery and mass culture. In Fake Flag, a three-panel wall mounted ceramic sculpture glazed with large painterly brushstrokes, Thomas Schütte imagines a utopian reality by representing the flag of a fictitious state. Franz Erhard Walther creates inhabitable spaces – places for the body – that vary in their arrangement and activation.

Works by Silvia Bächli, Mel Bochner, and Matt Mullican are among other highlights that will be on view.

For reproduction requests, interviews with the artist, and general inquiries, please contact the gallery at +1 212 966 5154 or